North Central College Track Club
"It's hard to soar with the eagles when you're surrounded by a bunch of turkeys !" - Chuck Carroll
April 4, 2012 is the start of track workouts!

Updated: 4/3/2012 - The workout starts at 6:10 PM (Wed night) with the warm up starting at 5:30 PM.
YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE NOW!  Email for any other details.

Only slackers will not show for the workouts!!!

We will run whatever Hal wants us to run!!!
Up coming races:
Last Update: 4/3/2012
Club Mission:

The North Central Track Club encourages running, jogging, biking, swimming, cross country
skiing, and fitness and health in the Naperville, Illinois area. We also support and engage in
activities of North Central College that relate to track and field events.

Our main mission is to provide track workouts for anyone that is interested. All of the funds
from the track club fees are donated to the college for their running programs. This club is for
everyone! Check us out.
The best running store:
Naperville Running Company
The Monday / Thursday Night 10 mile run:

During the track season, we will only have the
Monday night 10 miler!!! We start at the upper
college parking lot at 5:50 PM
We have a few shortcuts if you need them.

Map of the 10 Mile Run
The best TRI and BIKE store:
Endure it!
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Map and measure your event!
Map My Run
Club Information:

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The inside story on what this running club is about.
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